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Simplify Modbus Protocol Integration

Our customers are engineers working on Modbus integration. Instead of writing the code themselves they prefer to buy our Modbus library. Salient features:-

Fully compliant with ANSI C.
Easy to use buffer-control macros to reduce memory usage to as low as 750 bytes See Product Specifications
Free ports for popular micro-controllers to enable faster integration. See ports
Shared development cost for specific ports.
Transparent licensing scheme - no hidden costs, no deferred payments.
30 day Money Back Guarantee.

Please see the Make Vs. Buy analysis to learn about the benefits of using our library.


Our experience in writing the Modbus code is described in the About Us section.

Single Product License Multiple Product License
Customer may embed a ported, binary version of the library into unlimited copies of SINGLE end-use product for worldwide manufacturing, branding and distribution Customer may embed a ported, binary version of the library into unlimited copies of MULTIPLE end-use products for worldwide manufacturing, branding and distribution
Consultants and design houses prefer this because they typically work on single product projects. Original equipment manufacturers choose this model. They usually have have multiple products in their pipeline.

Customer Quotes

"The code was error free, and integrating it was a snap. The Stellaris port saved me a couple of days work."Active Sensors

"Colway crew, Thanks for your professional works. It's has been very usefull to us. We saved a lot of hours by using your libraries."Novoelectronique, Canada

"I am happy to let you know your library has just given a valid Modbus poll and response on our hardware. Just a little bit of tweaking was required." Cool Bananas

"Your stack worked with MQX without a problem"

"It has been a pleasure to work with Colway Solutions. Pricing is competitive, and most importantly, the service and delivery have allowed us to meet our design demands. Integration was seamless." Edward Li,

"I did not run into any issues. The port went well. Using MMPL to poll data from competitor's instruments and converting the data to be used by our battery management software. Have used MSPL for about 5 years and never ran into any issues with that either." B.Tech Inc, USA

Order Your Library Here
Select Library, Licensing scheme and required Port. Confirm order and pay with credit card. Software will be delivered in 48 hours.

Product : Modbus Master
Modbus Slave

Licensing : Unlimited Single Embedded
Unlimited Multiple Embedded

Ports :

FC Support : FC01 FC02 FC03 FC04 FC05
FC06 FC15 FC16 Choose All
Grand Total : N/A
Available both in Ethernet and RTU transport configurations

If you are a System Integrator or a design consultant, please contact us for special pricing.

Functions Codes Supported
FC01 FC02 FC03 FC04 FC05 FC06 FC15 FC16
Read Write Single Write Multiple
Coils Discrete Inputs Holding Registers Input Registers Coil Holding Register Coils Holding Registers
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