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List of Customers who have bought Colway-Modbus Libraries:

Customer Country Library Hardware IDE Customer Experience Remarks
Arcus Technology U.S.A. Slave Silabs C8051F120 Keil Motion Control - Stepper Motors
B. Tech Inc. U.S.A. Master and Slave TI Stellaris LM3S8962 IAR Embedded Workbench The port went well. Using MMPL to poll data from competitor's instruments and converting the data to be used by our battery management software.
Have used MSPL for about 5 years and never ran into any issues with that either.
UPS and Back Up Power. Battery Monitoring System
Calixto Systems India Master TI Stellaris IAR Embedded Workbench Design Embedded Systems for OEM
Chroma Energy India Slave TI Stellaris IAR Embedded Workbench CSP Photovoltaic developer
CNW Consulting Network AB Sweden Slave Freescale Code Warrior Product Design Consultancy
Cool Bananas New Zealand Slave RTU Silabs C8051F041 Kiel Completed integration in 2 weeks Embedded Automation Solutions
Franklin Electric U.S.A. Slave Freescale Coldfire MCF51JM128 Code Warrior Water And Fueling Systems
Land Instruments U.K. Slave TCP TI Stellaris LM3S8962 IAR Embedded Workbench Temperature Sensors
Novoelectronique Canada Master And Slave RTU RS485 Visual Studio First bought Slave. Liked the product, returned to buy Master Product Design Consultancy
Polytron U.S.A Slave RTU 485 Freescale MCF52259 Code Warrior Custom designed electronic timers
Supreme Gridtech India Master and Slave Silabs 8051 Kiel Bought Master and then Slave Intelligent energy monitoring, smart grids, renewable energy
Transonic U.S.A. Slave Freescale MCF52259 Codewarrior Manufacturer of precision biomedical instrumentation flow measurement
Vision Metering U.S.A Slave TI Stellaris Electric and gas meters
Wylmco Italy Slave Mikro PIC MikroC Embedded automation solutions
TrojanUV Canada Slave Freescale MCF52259 Codewarrior Water treatment solutions
TrojanUV Canada Master Freescale MCF52259 Codewarrior Water treatment solutions
Power Engineering & Mfg USA Slave STM32F0Discovery Raisonance Ride7
In-Micro Germany Slave STM32F0Discovery Raisonance Ride7
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