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Add Source Code to your Project


The first step in using MMPL-C is to add its source files to your project. The procedure for this step differs from one compiler or IDE to other. The following section describes this procedure with relevant screen shots for the Silicon Laboratories IDE. Procedure for other IDE's will be similar.



Create a new group called "MMPL" by right-clicking on the project name and choosing "Add Groups to project <proj name>" as shown below. Note that this step is optional.


ii.    Right-click the mouse on the MMPL group created above. If the above step was skipped, right-click on any other group to which you intend to add MMPL-C files. Click on item "Add file to group <group name>". A File Open dialog box appears.



Browse to the folder containing the MMPL-C files and select all .c files. Click "Open".


iv.  Press and hold the CTRL key and select all .c MMPL files. Right-click and choose "Add to build". This step is necessary to include the MMPL-C files in the compilation and build process.


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