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How to use the MSPL-C Configurator


The following is the procedure to use the MSPL-C Configurator utility:

Step 1.   Click "Browse" to navigate to the folder containing the MSPL-C source files and select the file MSPL_UserIf.c (only this file is required to begin using the utility). On choosing the file, all fields in the UI will get populated with the values of macros read from this file. The pathname of the folder selected appears in the text box labelled "MSPL-C Location".

Step 2.   Modify values of any of the configuration parameter that you desire.

Step 3.   In the process if you intend to discard any changes you have done and reset the UI to the values in MSPL_UserIf.c, press "Reload"

Step 4.   Once you are satisfied with the changes made by you save them back to the MSPL_UserIf.c file by pressing "Save Changes". This step will modify this file by changing the values of the macros contained in it. So ensure that the file is writable.


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