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Texas Instruments ARM Stellaris

Tested Environment:
CPU IDE OS Ethernet
Stellaris ARM Core TI LM3S8962 IAR None Yes

Code size in KB (approximate figures)
Read Coils Read Discrete Inputs Read Coils + Write Coils Read Input Registers Read Holding Registers Read Holding registers + Write Holding Registers All 8 Functions
Stellaris ARM Core TI LM3S8962 - - - - - - 5 KB

Modbus TCP Slave Demo application for LM3S8962 Stellaris ARM Core Evaluation Board
The Modbus TCP Slave demo program illustrates how I/O on the Stellaris evaluation board can be controlled using the Modbus protocol. The demo application is an extension of the Web-based I/O control example program provided by TI to which Modbus TCP Slave support has been added. To run this demo, download and unzip (866 KB) to a folder and follow the instructions provided in the Quick Start Guide.
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