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Introduction To Modbus Protocol Tester

What is Modbus Protocol Tester?
The major functional blocks of the Modbus Protocol Tester include the following:-
  Modbus Master. Sends the most common Modbus messages.
  Device Simulator. Is a software Modbus Slave. Responds with messages exactly like a physical device.
  Controls. To organize test environment, connect and test.
  Counters And Logs - Data collectors capture readings. Logs record events.
  Displays - Display test data in format from selection of choices.

Why Was It Created
The Modbus Protocol tester is designed to deliver improved testing efficiencies. It is based on years of practical experience.

Who Should Use This Tool
Software Developers - Embedded Applications
The Tester is a handy tool for developers and Test Engineers to speed up their product development cycles:-
  Verify Modbus Specifications compatibility
  Benchmark device performance
  Stress the communication interface with bursts of messages
  Quickly organize comprehensive test cases.

Field Engineers - Instrumentation and Control
Extremely versatile for engineers and technicians working on live installations:-
  Transport Tester on a pen drive
  Organize poorly documented installations logically
  Quickly isolate problems and determine root cause.
  Comprehensive testing before commission
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