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Overview: Setting Protocol Tester Options

The Options Form can be used to setup a few configuration parameters of the Modbus Protocol Tester. The form can be opened by choosing Tools->Set Options menu item or by clicking the "Set Options" toolbar button .

All option settings are stored by the Tester and automatically applied the next time it is lauched. It is not necessary to make the settings every time the Tester is launched.
A: Toolbar Options

This set of options controls how the toolbar is displayed.

  • Show Toolbar Checkbox: Checking this item will cause the toolbar to be visible. If not the toolbar is hidden.
  • Show Image and Text: Selecting this radio button will cause the toolbar's text to appear beside its image.
  • Show Image Only: Selecting this radio button will cause the toolbar's image alone to be displayed and no text.
  • B: Event Logging Options

    This set of options should be used to enable or disable event logging and also to set the name and path to the event log file. Click here for more on event logging.

  • Enable Event Logging: If checked, important events are logged into the log file. Else, no events are recorded.
  • Log File Name: You may type in the name of the event log file with full path here. Clicking the button pops up a file select dialog box using which you can conviniently browse the file system and choose a path and a file name for the log file.
  • Caution:
    The Tester requires write permissions to the file and folder path entered here. If this is not granted, the Tester throws up an error and disables event logging.
    C: MRU List Settings

    Most Recently Used list settings.

  • Max Entries: The maximum number of file names that will be listed under MRU menu. Beyond this, a new file name will replace an old file name on a First In First Out basis.
  • Clear MRU List: Clicking this button will erase all entries in the MRU list.
  • D: Startup Behaviour Settings

    These settings control which Data Group Form is opened by the Tester when it is launched.

  • Last Data Group set: Selecting this radio button will cause the Tester to store the list of all Data Group forms that were open just before it was closed and reopen them automatically when it is launched next.
  • New Data Group form: Selecting this radio button will cause the Tester to create a new Data Group form (unsaved) when it is launched.
  • Nothing: Selecting this radio button will cause the Tester to display an empty main form (i.e. no Data Group forms are created or opened) when it is launched.
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