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Overview: Modbus Protocol Tester Features

  • Supports Modbus TCP mode.

  • Can be configured to control and monitor one Modbus TCP device. Multiple instances of the MPT can be used to communicate with multiple Modbus TCP devices.

  • Presents a Multiple Document Interface using which multiple Data Groups can be configured for data acquisition from the device at different scan rates. Useful for creating logical data groups as well as presenting them in independent forms.

  • All configurations can be serialized to a file. This enables storage of pre-configured groups that can be opened quickly when doing regression testing.

  • Interface to change the status/value of a single or multiple Coils/Holding Registers. Can be used to test both "Single Write" and "Multiple Write" function codes of Modbus specification.

  • Communication can be configured to reconnect to a device in case of drop in connection. Useful when doing long duration unattended testing of devices.

  • Provision to display Modbus traffic (i.e. the transmitted and received packets) with an option to timestamp the same. Very useful in debugging unstable connections.

  • User friendly, flexible and intuitive User Interface that provides user control over all visual parameters like fonts, colours, Window sizes etc. All such customised parameters are saved on exit allowing for recall of the same on the next startup.

  • Extensive event logging provides a powerful tool for debugging Modbus device connectivity issues both during development as well as deployment on field.

  • Small footprint application enables field engineers to carry them in their pen drive and run it on any Windows computer.

  • Light weight, multi-threaded design allows bombarding devices with Modbus requests to test their ability to handle bursts of Modbus requests.

  • Displays real time communication statistics like the no. of requests sent, responses received, errors etc.

  • Data interpretation layer (over and above the Modbus layer) permits interpreting and displaying Modbus register data as short and long integers, unsigned integers,
  • float, double etc.
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